The Arclinea product is made unique by exclusive production processes, the outcome of skilled artisanship that has never been lost, fuelled by constant research. Tradition and professionalism combine with technology. Industrialisation is made possible by CNC processes, cutting-edge, customised systems with automated coded work procedures that have required lengthy fine-tuning. These are the result of synergy between Arclinea research and development and the complete production cycle, most of which takes place in the 30,000 square metres of industrial plant and includes both serial and for custom or non- series projects. A visit to the factory makes this clear. Starting right at the beginning, from the division where they hand select the sheets of wood to be cut into slats, which are then sewn and joined together, order by order. Along the various stages, manual activity alternates with automatic processes. Like the production of the Lignum et Lapis door or manual application of the Italia recessed handle, an exclusive Arclinea patent.